Owl Face (Owla) Sticker

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Owl face is one of the first illustrations of an animal faces series created by Ola Liola. Order the waterproof vinyl sticker of the legendary owl artwork. Size 12.7x10 cm (5x4 inch)


About Owla Bird Face Sticker

The owl is a mysterious and fascinating bird. Looking at one, we can sense the magical power. It is as if the bird foresees the future and knows the past. Its calm gaze is always focused yet resting. In western cultures, the owl stands for wisdom. Not just by chance. The bird knows to wait and swiftly pick the prey.

The name Owla originates from the mix of Ola and Owl. It references Ola's early career in illustration, where she spent nights in drawing and days rest.  

To a certain extent, owls share qualities with cats. It is not a secret that Ola draws her inspiration from the spirits of cats and owls. In the animal faces collection, you will find many variations of the two.


A high-quality reproduction of the original watercolor artwork. The print is produced on a very precise Aquarelle Stoko heavyweight, archival, acid-free paper.

The standard size of the print is easy to frame. Each print is signed and dated on the back then carefully packed and shipped.


Each sticker is carefully cut by hand.

The beautiful sticker is a prefect present for friends and family. Best applied on laptops, books, tablets, phones, cars, or any other personal items with smooth surfaces.

Long lasting waterproof art sticker produced on thought sticky polyester film. The sticker is suitable for outdoor use within the temperatures range -30 to +80 C°.

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Sabine user avatar
Sabine on 07 Nov, 2020
Ginger cat pet sticker
Ginger Cat pet sticker, 100% waterproof vinyl label on TevaGallery.
This cat sticker is so beautiful, thank you so much!
Lili user avatar
lili on 11 Aug, 2020
Blue Bird Sticker
Blue bird macbook sticker, washable vinyl label.
Very sweet & good quality! Thank You for the gift!
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