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About Ola Liola

Get to know Ola Liola artist and her artworks. Discover the list of projects revolving around modern pop culture and ethnic motifs.



Ola Liola is a Berlin-based illustrator and artist. Although her art is unique and one of a kind, one can sense her inspirations;  the natural world, folk art, mythology, her homeland, fashion design and modern urban life in Berlin.In many creations embroidered motifs of microscopic world of flora and fauna mixed ethnic Ukrainian and Asian pop cultures. In other words, her work is a mixture of the traditional and modernity.

Coming from the world of Industrial Design, she started her career focused on fashion and accessories. Eventually though she found her true passion: painting and illustrating, and created her "Compact Illustration Studio”. 

Working in fashion raised many questions for her: how does one express emotion with colour? How are certain thoughts, feelings or events expressed visually? and how do you transform them into animals?

These questions led Ola to develop her own personal style; artworks depicting colourful animals, which on the one hand are painted realistically, but on the other hand contain surrealistic and surprising tattoo-like elements.

She strives to create images which evoke a desire to explore the world surrounding us and our dreams. 

When illustrating she uses a mixed technique of watercolours, ink and occasionally fine pencil and rapidograph lines.

If you take a look at her Instagram and Facebook pages, you will get a glimpse of her broad, colourful work through photographs and videos showing her work progress and different events she takes part in, such as exhibitions, markets and fairs.


Animal Teachings Book

Each Animal has its own secrets, teachings and destination. No wonder humans feel connected to them. If only we ask, listen and pay attention, this connection can be seen.

Set of more then 90 illustrations for the book by Dawn Baumann Brunke was published by Cico Books


Surrealistic Wild Life

As folk art and surrealism are unlocking the power of imagination; your vertigo might just be a reaction to daily reality.


Passport Faces

The old myth tells us - behind each face hides a soul. When guided by the spirit of art these souls can be depicted. Each nose, mouth and pair of ears is unique and unrepeatable. Look at the broad variety of characters, shapes and patterns.



The magical and curious world of birds. Beautiful, majestic and complex. A glimpse of a bird in flight is a short and fleeting moment, yet as memorable as a work of art.

Who hasn’t dreamt of having wings?



A collection of animals which we usually take for granted, not appreciating their character and beauty, only seeing them as pets or pests.

These illustrations depict them in a different light, showing their wild and natural beauty.


Mushi Mimicry

From the first stage of their life to the last, they become unrecognisable. It is the greatest transformation in the natural world.

A collection combining and mimicking the colourful, manifold and ever-changing world of insects and femininity through the usage of watercolours and inks.


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