Meet Ola Liola

Coming from the world of Industrial Design, she started her career focused on fashion and accessories. Eventually though she found her true passion: painting and illustrating, and created her "Compact Illustration Studio”.

Working in fashion raised many questions for her: how does one express emotion with color? How are certain thoughts, feelings or events expressed visually? and how do you transform them into animals?

These questions led Ola to develop her own personal style; artworks depicting colorful animals, which on the one hand are painted realistically, but on the other hand contain surrealistic and surprising tattoo-like elements.

Ola strives to create images which evoke a desire to explore the world surrounding us and our dreams. She incorporates playful motives of nature, folk art, mythology, fashion, and modern urban life. Olas's signature is embroidered motifs of the microscopic world of flora and fauna mixed ethnic Ukrainian and Asian pop cultures.

When illustrating Ola uses a mixed technique of watercolors, ink and occasionally fine pencil and rapidograph lines.

The fact

One of the best illustrators

Since 2009 Ola practicing aquarelle techniques and various drawing media. She works on a unique and one of a kind style, continually refreshing and improving the world of watercolor illustration.

Ola Liola owner photo

Ola Liola

The mastermind of the brand. Owner of Ola Liola name, expert illustrator.

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Simply E

Helping hand, business and life partner. Working together since 2009.