Hi, I am Ola Liola

Since I finished my studies I am an independent designer with my own brand. In the past the brand was focused on fashion and accessories, but later converted to what I call my "Compact Illustration Studio".

Working in fashion drove me through a lot of questions. Such as how could I express emotion with color? How do certain thoughts, feelings or special events receive a visual expression? How to fit these expressions on to living things? Through these thoughts evolved my series of artworks and illustrations of animals designed with new skin-like colorful patterns. My animals are quite realistic but their colors and textures are surprising. My goal is to create a strong experience that spark the curiosity to explore the world around us and dream. In my work can be found a constant dialogue between two worlds: urban life and nature. My inspirations are coming from fashion design, mythology, microscopic world, flora and fauna.

Due to my obsession with tiny details and complex patterns I have developed my own unique and modern illustration style. My illustrations are hand drawn. I use water colors and ink with an occasional pencil and Rapidograph lines which gives my work a finished and precise look.

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TevaKiwi Etsy shop - 10'x8' sized prints, stickers.

Society6 - Canvas, framed prints, throw pillows, t-shirts, hoodies, iPad cases, iPhone cases.

Huru Nia (Japan) - Mobile phone cases.


For original artwork inquires please contact directly to